A delegation from the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Shrine of Maitham Al Tammar (may Allah be pleased with him(


Sheikh Khalifa Al-Jawhar, the Special Secretary of the shrine of Maitham Al Tammar (may Allah be pleased with him) in holy Najaf received the delegation of the Red Crescent organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Al-Jawhar welcomed the delegation and praised the efforts exerted during the previous years to provide medical services during the fortieth visit. The visitor is ready to send a specialized medical staff that will provide services to visitors and are equipped with all medical devices and medicines to provide services during the period of the visit.

It is noteworthy that the medical staff of the Iranian Red Crescent organization , volunteer annually to serve in the province of Najaf in the months of Ahzan (Muharram and Safar), in cooperation with the Secretariat of the shrine of the great companion Maitham Al-Tammar (may Allah be pleased with him).