A large celebration on the occasion of raising the iron dome within the project of building of Shrine Zaid al-Nar Abu al-Fadl bin Imam al- Kadhim (peace be upon him)

  • صورة

The special secretariat of Shrine Abi al-Fadl ibn al-Imam al-Kadhim (peace be upon him) organized a celebration in the province of Diwaniyah on the occasion of lifting the large iron dome of the shrine within the reconstruction project, in the presence of Diwaniyah governor, The audience began to recite the verses of the Holy Quran, after which the audience stood to read the blessed Surat Al-Fatihah; in honor of the martyrs of Iraq, and then delivered the opening speech of Mr. Sabih Al-Bahia "during which he welcomed the audience and reviewed A number of works carried out within the project of reconstruction, and the work of the Central Committee to collect reconstruction funds, stressing that the shrine is a historical symbol and a civilized landmark to be led by people from all Iraq, concluding his thanks and appreciation to all those who contributed to the completion of work, His Eminence Shaikh Muqdad Al-Kaabi conveyed greetings and peace and thanked His Excellency the Head of the Shiite Endowments Bureau, the Secretary General of the Missions, His Eminence Sayyed Alaa Al-Musawi (Dam Azza) and the Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Khalifa Al-Jawhar. The Diwan stressed the need to make every effort to rebuild the shrines despite the austerity that has cast a shadow over all the projects of the Bureau. Therefore, the financial allocations will be provided by donors and the windows of the shrines for the completion of the reconstruction projects, thanking all those who contributed to the completion of the project from local government and donors And a special secretariat, pointing out that the shrine after the completion of the work will be a religious station, and an institution to disseminate the issues of legitimacy, and concepts of religion and worship,

Then came the speech of the governor of Diwaniyah, Dr. Sami al-Hasnawi, "thanking the people of the province, and all who contributed and contributed to the completion of the work, and confirmed Hasnawi that all the obstacles were removed to start in the second phase, and will be the preparation of an integrated plan of action for the project," after the poet Saadi Al-Mahna poem about The owner of the shrine and his dignities. Then came the speech of the special secretary of al-Hajj Hassan Sabbar, in which he mentioned the dignity of the owner of the shrine,asking al-Bari (azza wa jall), to help everyone achieve this blessed project. Building the Shrine.