Encyclopedia of shrines launches the first issue of its publications

  • صورة

General Secretary of the Shiite holy shrines Lunched the first issue of Encyclopedia of shrines with continues support from Al Sayyed Alaa Al-Moussawi (Dam Azza) head of Shiite Endowment / General Secretary of the Shiite holy shrines , and continuous follow-up by Deputy Secretary, His Eminence Sheikh Khalifa Al-Jawhar (Dam Tawfikah) To overcome and remove all obstacles that prevent the completion of work.

The general supervisor of (Encyclopedia of the shrines) Dr. Nazir al-Hassani, stressed the importance of this encyclopedia as a reliable scientific reference that includes the definition of a large and important part of Iraq's intellectual, religious and social culture associated with the shrines scattered in this ancient country , A number of specialized researchers have been tested to work on them And writing the research from the historical and religious aspects, and the search went through several stages to be placed in the Encyclopedia with participation of more than seventy researchers and scientific committees.

Encyclopedia of shrines has many objectives, including: developing the work of the special secretaries through researches on each of the shrines, and the possibility of converting such research into work projects. The encyclopedia will be presented to the universities to benefit from it. It will also raise the level of religious, scientific and social awareness. Access world class On the holy shrines in Iraq by translating the encyclopedia into several languages. The Encyclopedia is an event and a major achievement is added to the achievements of Secretariat.